October 2015

Since setting up the forum earlier this year the team has been working hard to address the reported flood issues that have hit the valley in the past few years.  Working with the various authorities we have compiled a list of flood risks which are now being addressed through our quarterly meetings with the authorities.  Although at an early stage at present, we do appear to be getting a willingness from them to progress these issues.
Our next meeting is due to take place in November, there are a dozen or so issues that are being addressed and we hope to hear that there has been good progress toward clearing these up.
We continue to work on awareness campaigns in the valley, we recently had a information desk at Tesco Rawtenstall where we handed out leaflets and advice to local residents who face the possibility of flooding in their homes.  We have also continued to get positive coverage in the press who are supportive of our aims in the area.  We have started a leaflet drop to homes and businesses we think might be in the flood risk area, these are aimed at giving advice and guidance to residents and to make them aware of help we might be able to offer.
Remember, if your property is at risk of flooding please contact us to see what we might be able to do to help you.